Love is a feeling,

a state, that we experience on all kinds of levels and with all of our senses. Although she lives in the heart, love is palpable and visible. She has her own fragrance and special taste.

Those who find her want to enshrine her. Those who search for her, long for her. She can hide away or she can overwhelm, but she is always there.

Love me or leave me alone

Love me secco Rosé

Eye: salmon – Taste: Strawberry, Cowberry, Raspberry

Love me red

Eye: Cherry-Red – Taste: Black Currant, Raspberry, Cherry, Blackbeery

Love me secco white

Eye: pale yellow – Taste: Apple, Pear, Citrus fruits

Love me Wine is a brand that goes beyond a product. It’s about shared values and capturing dreams. For its founders Katharina Riess and Moritz Firchow, Love me Wine represents a passion for local production and authentic, high-quality products. Their vision is shaped by a sensitive, sustainable approach and a confidence in their own taste. It’s a brand that’s perceptible to all senses, through the eyes, the mouth, the hands and the heart. It’s a declaration of love to the vineyards, the regions, the people, the wine, the world...

6,000 miles apart – but close to the heart. In the fall of 2012, Katharina contacted Moritz with an idea - a wine brand showcasing the two hearts beating in her one chest. One represented her country roots and the art of making wine – the other her experience living in one of the world’s most progressive metropolises. Moritz jumped on board, and they started a dialog. “For us, ‘love me’ describes our state of mind,” Riess says. “Love our life every day, be inspired by one another, and enjoy the creative process. It was magic to experience a sense of wonder and possibility. Then to make it happen with the people who inspire you most.”

Memories are created by exceptional stimuli, by situations, places, people, fragrances and tastes. Love me Wine is more than a wine, more than an expression of affection. It’s an uncompromising ambassador for special moments. It’s a dream captured. What began as a shared idea between two strangers has now crossed mountains and oceans.

love  me  or  leave  me  alone  love  me  or  leave  me  alone  or  leave  me  alone